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Tubular Dog Seat Tether™

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Product Details

Traveling with your dog should be fun and the hassle free and the Tubular Dog Seat Tether™ allows you to do just that. It attaches directly to your dog’s harness or collar then clicks into your vehicle’s seatbelt slot for a safer car ride. Easy to use, just leave the tether clicked in between trips, eliminating the need to undo the seatbelt each time. Adjust the length so your dog can safely enjoy the breeze out the car window. The easy to open side release trigger snap hook ensures a tangle-free experience. You and your dog can enjoy road trips without wasting precious time worrying about safety with the Tubular Dog Seat Tether™

Features and Benefits

  • Tubular Nylon construction for comfort and durability (4x stronger than traditional nylon webbing collars)
  • Triglide to adjust the length of the tether from 15" to 24"
  • Seat belt male clip to clip into the car seat belt.
  • Elastic loop to maintain clean look
  • Easily clean with hand washing or a mild detergent
  • Works perfectly with the Car Hammock™
  • American Made
  • 60 Day Trial Period
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Why Tubular?

Tubular Nylon webbing is 4 x stronger than that of traditional webbing used with a breaking strength of 4,000 pounds. Tubular Nylon webbing is created by weaving nylon fibers into a tubular configuration and flattening the tube to form a reinforced double layer. Tubular Nylon webbing is manufactured to strict standards ensuring the highest quality. Ensuring that your collar stands up to the harshest conditions and lasts a lifetime.

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