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Woofers & Whiskers

Our Story

Caring for pets

Since 1997

For nearly 23 years the Kempf family has been caring for dogs and cats professionally at Woofers and Whiskers boarding facility in Newburgh, IN. Ellen and Tim Kempf started this small business in 1997 from a love for animals which was handed down to their children through the years.  Animals have been a family passion for everyone in the Kempf family as seen by their respective careers.  Abby, their daughter, decided to keep with the family tradition of taking care of animals by becoming a veterinarian from Purdue University.  In 2014, their son Adam and his wife Crystal took over the operations of the Woofers and Whiskers boarding facility.


Over the years, the Kempf family noticed the pet products they were seeing on a daily basis were cheaply made and manufactured overseas.  In 2020, they decided to start Woofers & Whiskers Premium Pet Products.  The company is focused on making products in the USA using the best materials available. They believe that when caring for your pet you need the highest quality products with innovative designs.  


“We hope you enjoy our products and dedication to making great quality pet gear.   And we know your pets will love it too.” - Ellen & Tim Kempf

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