Tubular Straight Leash™

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Strength meets comfortability with the Tubular Straight Leash™. This classic leash is made from a tubular nylon material which is 4 times stronger than standard nylon used in other leashes. The Tubular Straight Leash™ is great for everyday walks, when you’re headed to a doggie playdate or just adventuring around the block, this leash will keep your pup close by your side. The easy-to-use side press snap hook securely attaches to your Tubular Nylon Dog Collar™. Staying in control throughout your walks will feel effortless with the loop that’s comfortable to grip. Leashes come in either 4 or 6 foot lengths and widths, so you’re sure to find just the right size that works for you and your pup.

Features and Benefits

  • Tubular Nylon construction for comfort and durability (4x stronger than traditional nylon webbing collars)
  • .875 wide Reflective strip down the leash
  • Easy to open side release for attaching to collar
  • Oversized handle loop for comfort
  • Easily clean collar with hand washing or a mild detergent
  • American Made
  • 60 Day Trial Period
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Why Tubular?

Tubular Nylon webbing is 4 x stronger than that of traditional webbing used with a breaking strength of 4,000 pounds. Tubular Nylon webbing is created by weaving nylon fibers into a tubular configuration and flattening the tube to form a reinforced double layer. Tubular Nylon webbing is manufactured to strict standards ensuring the highest quality. Ensuring that your collar stands up to the harshest conditions and lasts a lifetime.

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